b-aware (BA Mil-3)

Introducing the development of b-aware (BA Mil-3): a Next-Gen Hearable designed to safeguard hearing, enhance communications, monitor well-being, and elevate performance. Aware’s groundbreaking in-ear device promises to redefine standards and usher in a new era of innovation.

This state-of-the-art product in development will offer top-tier hearing protection and communication and captures medical-grade physiological data, including brain waves. By harnessing the power of the ear, custom-fit 3D ear scanner, and our proprietary AI platform, we will be able to transform this data into invaluable insights about the physiological and cognitive states of soldiers, giving commanders a competitive advantage both in mission planning and in the field.

Key Features in Development

A standout feature of b-aware (BA Mil-3) will be its sophisticated artificial intelligence system that leverages recent advancements in real-time data processing to provide higher-level insights. Our patented solution can provide valuable insights into a Warfighter's physical and mental condition by collecting and analyzing medical-grade metrics such as heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, and brain activity. This wealth of information layered with next-generation analytics provides actionable insights that benefit both the soldier and their command in decision-making and performance optimization. b-aware (BA Mil-3) analytical data can help fine-tune mission strategies and pinpoint the ideal personnel for specialized roles. Optimized mission planning and execution enhances Warfighter quality of life and promotes mission success. Looking ahead, b-aware (BA Mil-3) holds the potential to redefine troop deployment and operations. 

Continuous Monitoring: With its ultimate comfort fit and utility, b-aware (BA Mil-3) ensures round-the-clock data capture, even during recreation, sleep, or high-stress situations.

Medical-Grade Precision: Our device guarantees consistent sensor placement and reduces motion noise by measuring to the second bend.

AI-Powered Analysis: With real-time data processing, we can provide insights on heart rate, temperature, and brain activity, aiding decision-making and performance optimization.

Augmented Hearing Capabilities: Enhance situational awareness in various environments with modes like Conversation, Sentry, Find, and Isolate – all designed to help soldiers discern critical sounds and threats. 

  • Conversation mode: Extract a subject’s voice in an extreme noise-ridden environment.
  • Sentry mode: Listen to a specific direction for any noise or specific types of noise.
  • Find mode: Find a specific type of noise throughout the listening field.
  • Isolate mode: Separate sounds and allows the users to toggle through them by tapping on the ear.

With a heightened sense of their surroundings, Warfighters are able to react faster and more accurately to threats, allowing them to complete their missions with greater efficiency. A game-changer for the contemporary battlefield and setting a new standard for military personnel worldwide, b-aware (BA Mil-3) is a breakthrough in bionic hearing and a testament to Aware’s commitment to protecting our Warfighters by providing the best possible wearable technology. With b-aware, soldiers won't just be equipped – they'll be empowered and gain a competitive edge. This is more than just wearable technology; it's a tool that can reshape the battlefield, optimize mission strategies, and elevate military performance. At Aware, we developing solutions that our Warfighters can rely on.