Superior Hearing Protection

Aware is committed to eliminating hearing loss in the workplace. Hearing Loss in the US affects a staggering 48 million individuals. Numerous workers are exposed to harmful noise levels due to occupational hazards and persistent workplace noise, risking irreversible hearing damage. NIOSH estimates that around 22 million US workers are exposed to hazardous noise yearly. Recognizing the gravity of the issue, OSHA has set forth regulations ensuring that employees working in environments with noise levels surpassing 85dB(A) are equipped with the right hearing protection.

Innovative Solutions

Work-related hearing loss is entirely avoidable, but traditional one-size-fits-all hearing protection solutions simply do not work. They often fail due to improper fit or incorrect usage, with foam earplugs being correctly inserted only 8% of the time. Workers tend to remove universal hearing solutions to communicate, exposing themselves to harmful noise levels as these solutions hinder communication.

Aware supports the growing consciousness about hearing health and emphasizes he need for dependable hearing protection solutions. Our innovative in-ear devices are precision-crafted to shield workers, offering an affordable solution with unparalleled comfort for all-day use. 

Aware EarShield

Presenting Aware EarShield, our new line of hearing protection, blending optimal fit with cutting-edge materials to provide superior ear-shielding defense while maintaining essential hearing levels. Aware EarShield features a complete noise-blocking design that seamlessly integrates communication electronics to maintain enterprise communications. Our advanced shielding format is made from a proprietary material that allows conversational-level hearing. Aware EarShield is designed to be inserted when they get to work, worn comfortably all day, and removed at the end of the work day.

Designed for All-Day Wear

A perfect fit is achieved through the eFit non-contact ear scanner, enabling 3D printing of a custom earpiece tailored to each worker's distinct ear shape. This fit creates a perfect seal allowing the Aware EarShield advanced noise-blocking materials to perform better, ensuring optimal safety in various environments. The comfort and performance are so good that Aware EarShield also offers sleep plugs to facilitate a good night’s rest in a loud environment as well as over-molds to elevate your favorite universal earbuds to effective hearing protection because sleep and recreation are also part of a worker’s lifestyle. 

Aware EarShield is engineered for continuous wear, assuring comfort without sacrificing protection. Its air-soft comfort, custom fit, and effective hearing protection can only be worn when it is properly inserted like a lock and key. This ensures Aware's in-ear devices are worn properly 100% of the time. The ability to hear conversational level sound or integrate communications ensures Aware EarShield remains in place, offering superior performance and a lower cost of ownership compared to disposable foam earplugs.

Cost Effective Solution

Aware EarShield not only reduces costs but also safeguards your employees' hearing, creating a mutually beneficial situation. It’s a practical and efficient solution, designed to meet the diverse needs of workers, ensuring comfort, protection, and communication in various settings. Effective hearing protection will reduce costs and protect your employees' hearing. It's a win-win situation.

Aware EarPro

Gaining physiological insights in the industrial sector, Aware’s custom biometric wearables do more than just protect. Aware EarPro stands at the forefront of this initiative. Designed with precision and backed by patented technology, our product development ensures that those exposed to occupational noise hazards are protected and working in an environment that prioritizes their well-being.

Our new cutting-edge wearables, EarPro, go beyond hearing protection to person protection. Integrated biometrics provide timely alerts on fatigue, temperature fluctuations, and other vital symptoms. In this way, both worker health and workplace remain uncompromised. By providing these insights, wearables play a pivotal role in enhancing safety, boosting productivity, and optimizing efficiency. Our solution caters to various industries: manufacturing, law enforcement, longshoreman, truck drivers, construction, railways, swat teams, mining, aviation and more. Each sector has unique challenges, and our devices are designed to address them effectively. Aware’s in-ear devices are designed to fit perfectly in workers' ears, providing maximum protection and all-day comfort. Aware EarPro devices in development are lightweight and waterproof, making them suitable for all work environments. Preserve Hearing. Promote Safety. Choose Aware EarPro. Preserve Hearing. Promote Safety. Choose Aware.