Ear-Powered Innovation

Human Ear as a Platform

Aware is revolutionizing the human ear as a multifunctional platform for health and wellness, with a mission of saving lives and protecting hearing through cutting-edge wearable technology. Partnered with the U.S. Military and leading companies in healthcare and technology, Aware’s custom-fit hearable offers a groundbreaking spectrum of advanced features including hearing protection, bionic hearing, and biometric monitoring. Capturing medical grade data on a continuous basis, Aware can also provide transformative cognitive and physiological insights as well as support and deliver breakthrough precision therapeutics. 

Future of Wearable Technology

Understanding the vital importance of real-time physiological monitoring and the unique potential of the human ear, Sam Kellett Jr. founded Aware with a vision to create the world's first custom biometric hearable to provide medical-grade data including brain waves - all in a device worn in everyday life. Functioning as a headphone or hearing aid, Aware’s custom-fit hearable strategically places sensors at the second bend of the ear canal, close to the brain and major blood supplies. The result is continuous, medical grade data with ground truth integrity that is impossible to capture from one-size-fits-all ear devices. 

Precision & Comfort

Exclusively licensed from United Sciences, Aware's sister company, the eFit™ scanner stands alone in capturing the human ear in its natural form, merging one of the world's premier laser scanners with a top-tier integrated 3D tracking system. Ears are as unique as snowflakes, possessing even more distinct features than fingerprints. Similar to painting the ear with light, 3D scanning an ear can be completed in ninety seconds. The precision of eFit™ 3D ear scans enables perfect fit and comfort for headphones, hearing aids, and hearing protection as well as the optimization of Aware’s in-ear biometric sensors. In addition, mapping the intricate nuances of each ear's curves produces a valuable database for improving the design and performance of in-ear devices.