Patented 3D Scanner

United Sciences, is a global pioneer in precision 3D hole scanning and imaging with its eFit Scanner. Our breakthrough, patented technology stands alone globally as a non-contact method for precise hole and cavity measurements, achieving unmatched accuracy to two microns. A proud holder of ten patented technologies, we are redefining healthcare, aerospace, entertainment, military protection, and scientific research standards with our innovative scanners and precision engineering technology.

Exclusively Licensed to Aware

Our eFit scanner, exclusively licensed to Aware, is the only technology to capture the human ear in its natural state, combining one of the world’s most accurate laser scanners with an industry-leading integrated 3D tracking system. Scanning is similar to painting the ear with light and can be completed in the ear canal in ninety seconds. A prime advantage of 3D ear scans is enabling Aware to optimize the performance of its biometric sensors in the ear, facilitating the collection of medical-grade data from the brain. Scans also enable the creation of a perfect fit and comfort for headphones, hearing aids, and hearing protection. No two ears are alike – ears are like snowflakes with more differentiating features than fingerprints. Mapping the intricate nuances of each ear's curves produces a pivotal database, improving the design of devices across diverse industries. Our database encompasses gender, age, ethnicity, height, and weight; all participants have given explicit consent for research.

By capturing data beyond exterior surfaces and with unmatched precision, our solutions surpass all 3D scanners. In partnership with global clients and research collaborators, United Sciences is dedicated to offering progressive products that adapt to the dynamic demands of industries.