Ear-Powered Innovation

Harnessing the intricate power of the ear, we've pioneered Ear-Powered Innovation, transforming it into a conduit for life-saving solutions. With the fusion of advanced technology and precision engineering, our custom-fit devices seamlessly integrate into daily life, offering groundbreaking solutions in biometrics, communications, hearing, and unparalleled protection. Dive into the future of technology where the ear becomes the gateway to a world of possibilities.

Powerful Platform to Deliver Life-Changing Solutions

At Aware, we believe in the human ear's unparalleled potential and harnessing the ear's power as a platform to deliver solutions. Our patented technology transforms this belief into reality, harnessing the ear's unique power as a platform for groundbreaking solutions.

With Aware's state-of-the-art in-ear devices, we integrate advanced technologies to pioneer biometrics, communications, and hearing protection innovations. Beyond the cutting-edge capabilities, our devices promise the utmost comfort, tailored to fit seamlessly into your daily life. 

Patented Technology

Aware has developed a groundbreaking, patented ear scanner and in-ear wearable device set to revolutionize hearing protection and continuous biometric wearables for preventative health and wellness monitoring. By leveraging the unique anatomical features of the human ear, our innovative technology provides custom-fit hearing protection and continuous physiological monitoring, as well as enables precision therapeutics -all in a device designed for everyday life, entirely free from the constraints of hospitals and medical offices.

Comfort Fit

Our custom in-ear devices are uniquely designed for each individual’s unique ear shape: they either fit perfectly or not at all, guaranteeing optimal protection with every use.  Our devices seamlessly blend into the user's unique ear shape, becoming virtually unnoticeable.



At Aware, we pioneer innovative hearing protection and biometric wearables, leveraging revolutionary technology that distinctly measures up to the second bend in the ear canal.


eFit 3D Scanner

Our eFit scanner, exclusively licensed to Aware, is the only technology to capture the human ear in its natural state, combining one of the world’s most accurate laser scanners with an industry-leading integrated 3D tracking system. Scanning is similar to painting the ear with light.



Aware is revolutionizing hearing protection harnessing the power of the human ear as a multifunctional platform for health and wellness, with a mission to protect America’s Warfighters.



Aware is committed to eliminating hearing loss, both in the workplace and at home. Hearing Loss in the US affects a staggering 48 million individuals and is a growing problem given its prevalence increases with age.



Aware envisions a future where the synergy of technology and healthcare reshapes patient care. In the evolving world of healthcare, obtaining real-time, actionable data and insights are crucial.