Revolutionizing Biometric Wearables

Aware is at the forefront of biometric wearable technology, focusing on collecting precise, medical-grade data from the Second Bend of the ear canal. Our innovative approach ensures comfort, accuracy, and usability, paving the way for groundbreaking health and wellness solutions. The ear is the optimal location for monitoring physiology, enabling us to deliver life-changing solutions by harnessing the ear as a versatile platform. Being the only company with the capability to measure to the second bend distinguishes Aware as an industry leader, offering unparalleled precision in physiological and cognitive monitoring.

The Second Bend of the ear canal is strategically located close to the brain and major blood supplies, enabling the collection of medical-grade data that is impossible to capture consistently with one-size-fits-all universal ear devices. This proximity allows for accurate and actionable insights, making it an ideal site for collecting physiological data on ambulatory individuals.

Perfect Comfort Fit

Our wearables are designed for ultimate comfort and to seamlessly integrate into a person’s daily life while providing valuable insights. The Second Bend allows for incorporating sensors into devices already valued by customers, such as hearing aids and headphones, ensuring regular and extended monitoring of physiology. 

Principles of Aware Innovations

Aware adheres to two crucial principles: data applicability and usability. We focus on collecting the correct type of data directly from the brain, avoiding the inaccuracies of wrist-worn devices. Our systems are designed to be comfortable and user-friendly, adding value without complexity. Any discomfort, poor data, or added logistical complexity would render the system unwearable and unused. Aware specializes in harnessing sensor data within the Second Bend of the ear canal, integrating seamlessly into everyday devices.

Empowering Health and Wellness Solutions

Our technology enables the development of diverse health and wellness solutions, addressing Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases and conditions, a trillion-dollar healthcare challenge. Aware is developing an ambulatory device capable of collecting longitudinal, medical-grade data from the brain that will be comfortable enough for everyday use. This data captured by biometric sensors in the Aware hearable (EEG, ECG, PPG, Core Temp) could aid in diagnosing and treating various conditions, including obesity, anxiety, depression, stroke, sleep disorders, stress disorders, migraines, epilepsy, concussion, and traumatic brain injury.

Innovative Nerve Stimulation

The Second Bend is also an extraordinarily effective location for nerve stimulation, referred to as neuromodulation, a feature integrated into the Aware hearable platform. Significant advancements have been made in using neuromodulation to treat conditions like insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, and more. The Aware hearable supports methods like binaural beating, using an acoustic feedback phase locked to certain brain patterns. A hearable platform positioned at the second bend of the ear canal enables the integration of both nerve stimulation and binaural beating technologies. Significant advancements have been achieved in these methods for addressing conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, and more. The Aware hearable not only accommodates both of these techniques but enhances their efficacy through real-time brain activity monitoring to optimize therapeutic outcomes.