Aware EarPro

Aware is excited to share that our groundbreaking in-ear device, Aware EarPro, is currently in development with strategic partners. Building on our platform of cutting-edge biometrics, the Aware EarPro hearable will be able to provide augmented hearing capabilities while maintaining Aware’s unparalleled hearing protection and ability to integrate communications. Representing an adaptive system that uses a combination of methods to significantly improve a soldier’s situational awareness in a multitude of environments, the development of Aware EarPro represents a breakthrough in hearing technology that gives soldiers an edge in combat. 

Usage scenarios we are exploring for inclusion in our wearable platform.

  • Conversation mode: Extract a subject’s voice in an extreme noise-ridden environment.
  • Sentry mode: Listen to a specific direction for any noise or specific types of noise.
  • Find mode: Find a specific type of noise throughout the listening field.
  • Isolate mode: Separate sounds and allows the users to toggle through them by tapping on the ear.

With a heightened sense of their surroundings, Warfighters are able to react faster and more accurately to threats, allowing them to complete their missions with greater efficiency. A game-changer for the contemporary battlefield and setting a new standard for military personnel worldwide, Aware EarPro will be a breakthrough in bionic hearing and a testament to Aware’s commitment to protecting our Warfighters by providing the best possible wearable technology. Your troops won't just have it… they'll rely on it.