Northeast Georgia Health Ventures Partners with Aware Custom Biometric Wearables  To Pave the Way for Precision Therapeutics

Northeast Georgia Health Ventures Partners with Aware Custom Biometric Wearables To Pave the Way for Precision Therapeutics

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Gainesville, GA – December 12, 2023 – Northeast Georgia Health Ventures (NGHV), which is part of Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS), is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Aware Custom Biometric Wearables (Aware). This collaboration between a leading healthcare provider and a leading innovator in cutting-edge in-ear technology, which specializes in custom hearing protection solutions and developing biometric hearables, aims to drive advancements in continuous monitoring and precision therapeutics.

Aware is developing groundbreaking in-ear solutions that feature continuous patient monitoring, collection of medical-grade data, AI-driven actionable insights, and the capability to develop and deliver pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies within devices people wear every day such as headphones, hearing protection, and hearing aids. These advancements are poised to transform patient care through personalized precision medicine. By joining forces with NGHS, Aware aims to enhance patient monitoring, diagnosis, and ultimately the generation of insights for precision therapeutics. 

Under the terms of the agreement, NGHV will actively engage in the co-development of Aware's biometric hearable within Northeast Georgia Health System. This collaboration will encompass comprehensive analyses of specific use cases for Aware's products, precision therapeutics, joint therapy research initiatives, and the validation of studies related to care applications and the operational impact of the solutions.

Stuart Bracken, Managing Director of Northeast Georgia Health Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to work with Aware, a company with tremendous potential to deliver life-changing patient solutions within devices they are already wearing. Aware's in-ear biometric technology could be a game-changer in continuous patient monitoring and precision therapeutics."

Sam Kellett Jr., CEO and Founder of Aware, says, "Collaborating with NGHS marks a milestone for healthcare innovation. Their outstanding and forward-thinking management team and unwavering commitment to patient care perfectly complement Aware's proprietary technology in collecting medical-grade data from the human ear – which can drive precision therapeutics. Our aligned business goals form a seamless synergy, fostering innovation and delivering exceptional patient-centric solutions. We believe that co-development with NGHS truly benefits the patient and is paramount to developing the absolute best and most applicable solutions."

Kellett also believes solutions NGHS will help develop could potentially benefit industries outside of healthcare, including armed forces and other workers who operate in difficult environments.

“This broader perspective on Aware's innovations underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions across various sectors,” says Kellett.


About Northeast Georgia Health System

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Northeast Georgia Health Ventures (NGHV) is a partnership between Northeast Georgia Health System and Prinnovo, LLC. Prinnovo specializes in working with independent, mid-sized health systems to establish, staff and manage their own health venture office. Learn more at

About Aware Custom Biometric Wearables

Aware Custom Biometric Wearables, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a leading innovator in cutting-edge in-ear technology, specializing in superior custom hearing protection solutions and biometric hearables. Our groundbreaking in-ear solutions feature enhanced hearing capabilities, continuous monitoring, and the collection of medical-grade biometric data, all designed to enhance human performance and safeguard lives. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our meticulously crafted in-ear devices. Thanks to our patented 3D Ear Scanner technology, we provide a custom fit tailored to the unique shape of each individual's ear which optimizes the performance of sensors. Aware is transforming the ear into a dynamic platform for health and human performance by collecting medical-grade data, delivering actionable AI-driven insights, and enabling precision therapeutics within devices we wear in our everyday lives. Our technology serves a diverse range of sectors within healthcare, military, and industrial. Proudly U.S.-based,

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